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About the Rock 'N' Roll Swap Meet

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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet in Salt Lake City is a musical market inspired by, but not limited to, Rock 'n' Roll! Vendors will be selling items including Collectible Music (CDs, Records & Tapes of all genres), Musical Instruments (Guitars, Drums, Keyboards), Equipment (Speakers, Stereos, Instrument Cases, Cords), Memorabilia (Posters, Autographs, Books, Photographs) as well as Toys and Clothing (Figurines, T-Shirts, jackets, Tapestries) and more...

The Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet is organized by Kate Wheadon, Co-Founder of the Urban Flea Market, along with friends who love music and the history of music in Utah.

Bring your Rock ’n’ Roll, Jazz, Punk, Metal, HipHop, Indie, Local, Goth, Country, Bluegrass and whatever else you might fancy. We’re hosting this musical event to have a good time and we want you to join us!

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Please send all inquiries to or call 385.212.4106.