Vendor Registration - Rock 'n' Roll Swap meet

Next Date TBA

What can you sell at the Rock ’n’ Roll Swap Meet? Here are a few ideas - old band buttons, vintage sunglasses, concert t-shirts, and leather jackets that you might not fit into anymore. Maybe you have milk crates full of old CD’s, records, or tapes, (of all genres), that you haven't touched or played in a couple of years. Do you have ticket stubs, autographs, photos or silk screened posters from past shows that you no place to hang up? What about a shelf of old books, autobiographies, or magazines that you’re done reading that you’ve been holding on to long enough? We’re sure it’s safe to bet that some of you acoustic and electric guitars, drums, keyboards, horns, amplifiers, pedals, microphones and road cases that you haven't used in ages. Maybe you have some your parent’s old turntables, stereos, boomboxes, cassette players, or speakers that are sitting in a basement or garage that are yearning to be turned on and turned up!